In response to the increasing need for earth observations, the GEO (Group on Earth Observations) was established and the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) 10-year Implementation Plan was adopted at the third Earth Observation Summit in 2005.
In Japan, the Japanese Alliance for Climate Change Observation (JACCO) was established following the proposal of the Earth Observation Promotion Strategy released by the Council for Science and Technology Policy in 2004.
During the 10 years since its establishment, JACCO has initiated various activities such as surveying the need for climate change observation in relevant fields and improving the usability of observational data.

Strengthening the role of JACCO

In fiscal year 2015 (FY2015) two policies, “Implementation Policy of Earth Observations for 10 years” (Decision of the Earth Observation Promotion Commission, 25 August 2015) and “National Plan for Adaptation to Impacts of Climate Change” (Cabinet Decision, 27 November 2015) were adopted. Following up on these decisions, JACCO established the Climate Change Adaptation Platform to provide a link between observational data and finding solutions to social issues, thus supporting local governments, businesses and individuals.


The figure of JACCO

Tasks of JACCO

  • Collection of observational data and information, data standardization and needs assessment

  • Promotion of data integration and use, and provision of easy-to-understand information

  • Support to various stakeholders in solving social issues with the help of observational data

  • Timeline

    2002 August World Summit on Sustainable Development at Johannesburg, South Africa
    2003 June Summit of G8 Heads of State and Government in Evian, France
    July First Earth Observation Summit in Washington DC, USA
    2004 April Second Earth Observation Summit in Tokyo, Japan
    December Council for Science and Technology Policy releases Earth Observation Promotion Strategy
    2005 February Third Earth Observation Summit in Brussels, Belgium
    Earth Observation Promotion Commission established at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
    2006 April Japan Alliance for Climate Change Observation established.

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